Multipurpose Dial Holding System

Anubhav Industries was set up in 1990 to manufacture accessories and mechanical components for several large and medium sized industries. We have developed the 'Multipurpose Dial Guage Stand' in 1995 and have marketed the same in India since then. The product has been exported to USA and Europe as well. It has been accepted by all our customers as an excellent product both in terms of application as well as quality.

The Multipurpose Dial Stands was poupularly used in the engineering industry. However, in the past few years, we have seen an increasing demand for the stand for various domestic and non-industrial applications as well. The flexible design makes it useful in any application. The stand consists of two ball joints at two ends and one swivel joint in the centre.One knob is operation all three joints. This flexibility is the beauty of the design. The construction of the stand is very rigid. It works with the wear compensation of the cam rods.

Features of the Multipurpose Dial Holding Stand

  • Single knob with central locking system
  • Quick setting of job
  • Fine adjustment assembly for precise operation
  • Easy to operate
  • Completely Indigenous
  • More Flexibility
  • Long durability without maintenance
  • Multiple applications
  • Fully customisable for special requirements
Multipurpose Dial Stand

Standard Options

Arm Length
Cover Material
Cover Shape
Connector Threading
Logo [Knob]
BL - BLACK 120 mm P - Plastic P - Plain 08 - M8 AL - Anubhav Logo LD - Lightduty
BU - BLUE 55 mm M - Mild Steel D - Dovetail 10 - M10 PL - Customer Logo HD - Heavyduty
BR - BROWN       50-Pin dia 8*50 Long WL - Without Logo WM - Without Magnet

Note: The technical specifications mentioned above are the standard available measurements. However, we can provide you with any specific requirement

Stand Accessories: Single Stand - Mutiple Applications

List of various accessories that can be used in conjunction with the Multipurpose Dial Stand to suit your application.
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